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How to Fundamentally Treat Your Horse with Navicular Syndrome

Horses are known by the people as one of the strongest animals on planet Earth, and the basic reason for that is because they are useful to us in various ways, such as for showing and pleasure, as a food, for work, and the most popular of all is for travel. Some people are also using them for gambling and such, while others are treating them as their pets. As similar to the other living things, a horse can also develop health problems, and one of the most popular illnesses of the horses is the one called as navicular syndrome.

Navicular syndrome is basically defined as a syndrome that can cause lameness to the horses, but such syndrome is often called as navicular diseases by the people. All horses and some other mammals typically have navicular bone, which is described as a small found on their feet, and this is usually inflamed and degenerated when they develop the navicular disease; and aside from the navicular bone, the tissues that surround the bone will also be affected. If the navicular disease or navicular syndrome is not cured immediately then it can definitely lead to disabling lameness. The term lameness is basically described as an abnormal feeling or condition that may affect the gait and stance of a certain animal, such as the horses; and once the horses have this abnormal condition then it will lead to the dysfunction of their system of locomotor. The most common cause of the development of lameness to the horses is pain, or it can also be caused dysfunction of the mechanical and neurologic systems of their body. Lameness is also recognized as one of the common problems that are being faced and handled by licensed veterinarians. Lameness is typically occurring to the horses that are being used for pleasure, such as sport horses and the horses used for racing. The industry of equine are also bothered by this certain type of syndrome for this may costs a whole lot of money to the owner of the horses, with diagnostic procedures, and treatments that need to be done. The best way to manage the navicular disease or navicular syndrome is to alleviate the pain felt by the horse, as well as, to slow the degeneration of the condition. Some of the common treatments that are being recommended by the licensed veterinarians to the horses who have such condition are trimming, hoof care, exercise; medications like vasodilators, anti-inflammatory drugs, and anticoagulants; and surgical procedure called as nerving or denerving or palmar digital neurectomy.

Since there is no definite treatment that can really cure the navicular syndrome, other concerned individuals have performed various clinical studies, research, and assessments that can effectively save the horses from such conditions. One of the best treatments that they have found out during their research that can effectively help the horses with the navicular disease is the oral gallium nitrate. The primary effect of the gallium nitrate to the horses that have navicular syndrome is that it can promote and develop bone osteoclast, as well as, stimulate bone-forming cells called as osteoblast. The gallium nitrate also has anti-pain properties, as well as, anti-inflammatory properties.

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