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Examples of Car Accidents That Are Very Common

Car accidents are very common in today world due to several factors. These kinds of accidents will be as a result of careless driving and also failure to observe all the traffic rules on the road while driving. On the other hand you will find that some accidents occur because of situations that are not controllable. By reading this article, you will get to know those car accidents that occur commonly.

Rear-end collisions is an accident which occurs when a car hits another car from behind. This is one of the most dangerous accidents that can ever occur more especially when that car knocked was not moving, and the other car is at high speed. It will be very necessary for you to ensure that you are driving safe and you are cautious about those cars that are ahead of you, this will prevent the rear-end collisions.

Another very common accident is that which occurs when one car hits another one which has been parked. A very large number of accidents that occur is of this hitting the cars that are parked. It will be necessary for you to ensure that you are parking at the right place at the same time be careful not to hit other people’s parked cars.

The third category of the most common forms of car carnages is the lane change impact. These are forms of collisions where one of the vehicles on driving carriageway veers into the lane of another vehicle. Curve negotiation, switching lanes, moving along a bend or mis-estimated overtaking are some of the factors that lead to such forms of collisions. The other case is when the cars merge into a lane that intersects the highway. The driving space between parallel moving vehicles should be enough hence such approximations made should be accurate.

The fourth category of most prevalent road accidents is the T-bone crash. Occurring mostly at highway intersections are these T-bone collisions that are otherwise known as the side impact crashes more especially when a driver allows the others to take his course. The impact of the collision that will exist will depend on the moving speeds of the vehicles. To avoid this, ensure you are conversant with the intersection principles and otherwise ensure safety airbags are fitted on your car.

Last, head-on collisions which are among the most severe may involve hitting another car or an object directly. Out of the crash, the impact distractions will be affected by the momentum. Distractions, fatigue, impaired judgments, bad weather or confusion are some of the things that could trigger such accidents.