The Role of the Inspirational Speaker

 When someone starts to get frustrated and unmotivated in their life, productivity will decrease. So the role of the Inspirational Speaker is needed for individuals, organizations or teamwork. Loss of motivation can be very detrimental if it is not dealt with quickly, such as loss of hope, frustration, depression, decreased levels of productivity and can also affect others in an organization or teamwork. The author recalls that there was an inspirational speaker who was so legendary that he even filmed with the title “EDDY THE EAGLE”, this film is a true story of an athlete and now is a motivational speakers London, he was named Eddie Edwards speaker.

 The true history of “EDDY THE EAGLE”

 Michael Thomas Edwards was born in the small resort town of Cheltenham, located in the English county of Gloucestershire, on December 5, 1963. Ms. Janette and Terry’s father were simple hardworking people. Michael is the average of three children in a family. His sister Duncan was born a year and a half before, and his sister Liz – three years later.

 Classmates at school start calling Michael Eddy, which is a nickname that comes from a family name. Edwards’ courage and stubbornness began to manifest as early as childhood, which often had dire consequences. At the age of 10, during a soccer game, Michael injured his knee so the next three years had to heal the injury.

 Since childhood Eddy dreamed of becoming an Olympic athlete, he prepared himself and trained himself, but did not show good results, even he was so weak that his feet had to use tools.

 He is awkward and is considered silly to have no quality as an athlete. Lots of rejections and even his name was crossed out of the Olympic athlete selection list. But he still practiced and entered various other competitions.

 Unyielding, Eddy finally decided to register himself as a ski jumping athlete who incidentally that England did not have athletes in the sport. Although still a beginner, his dream finally came true as an Olympic athlete. Although minimal achievements, but Eddy became a big inspiration for others.

 Inspirational from Eddy The Eagle are:

  1. Never Give Up: the verdict he received since childhood that he would not be able to become an athlete, did not dampen Eddy’s enthusiasm as an athlete, He made up his mind to prove it.
  2. Talent or will: He continues to practice with a strong will although not talented.
  3. Positive Thinking: this becomes very important when rejection after rejection or verdict after a raining verdict, he always has good hopes going forward.
  4. Thinking creatively: He dared to be different and become a pioneer by being a ski jumping athlete, who was interested in England.
  5. Confidence: even though it is underestimated he is still confident in his abilities and sincerity in practice.
  6. Break all stereotypes inherent in him.
  7. Passion: He was very focused on his dreams as a child, and he managed to prove it.

 Famous motivator

 Eddie is a patron of the Cancer Ski 4 charity and spends much of his time helping them wherever he can. He returned to ski jumping in 2015 to raise funds for Ski 4 Cancer.

 Eddie the Eagle Edwards has a warm and friendly personality and is reflected in his talk shows. He talked about –

  • Overcoming difficulties,
  • personal endurance,
  • Never accept any answers
  • Teamwork

 Motivational speakers must be recognized for the role they play in people’s lives. Whether they use spirituality or real-life experiences to reach people, He succeeds in helping people restore their lives. Everyone needs hope at least that’s what keeps us going. The only difference is that we get that hope from a different place and one way can be through the words of enlightenment from an inspirational speaker.