The importance of a healthy hotel interior design

The importance of a healthy hotel interior design

 The importance of healthy hotel interior design – Modern architecture and contemporary design are firmly attached to the lives of metropolitan communities in big cities. The era of modern architecture is characterized by the simplification of design ideas from what were originally complicated to simpler by including sturdy structures that have high aesthetic value. This design later became a trend and is in demand today.

 Benefits of Design

 For hotel owners:

 1. As a suggestion for improvement that can be applied for future development.

 2. As a reference that can inspire management for other projects.

 The type of hotel is based on the intended use hotel

1. Business hotel: A hotel that is often used by entrepreneurs. This hotel has facilities that support business activities, including meeting rooms, photocopying, internet, and so on. Most business hotels are in big cities.

 2.Recreational hotel: Hotel that is used for recreation and leisure purposes.

 Several public facilities can be rented by the general public who are not guests of the hotel, namely:

1. Lobby

 2.Arcade or retail: shops or kiosks that are usually rented by the hotel to third parties that are used to sell various goods and services.

 3. Playroom: children’s playroom which is equipped with various rides to attract the interests of children brought by hotel guests.

 4. Slimming pool: a swimming pool facility whose facilities depend on the class of the hotel.

 5.Conference or meeting room: a room that can be used for seminars, meetings, and conferences that can be rented for certain events

 6. Sports area

 As a means of health and comfort for hotel visitors. Therefore the interior design of a gym is very important. The following tips for gym fit out contractors to make it more attractive.

 Tips to make the gym interior design more attractive

  • Make a concept, for example, interesting interior design concepts are vintage concepts and natural concepts. Make sure the concept is original which can represent the brand image of the business. So consumers will have fond memories of the place.
  • Add ornamental plants for natural fitness, the goal is to beautify and also as an air circulation so that it looks fresh.
  • Neat arrangement, neatness is very important for consumers, so they are comfortable in sports.
  • Natural lighting, natural lighting can provide energy more natural and healthier.
  • Adequate place, with the aim of a broad place to make consumers carry out activities freely.
  • Prepare several mirrors, this can motivate consumers to be able to see and shape their body shape. The mirror can also be used as an optical illusion which will make the room appear more spacious.
  • Minimalist decoration, minimalist decoration aims to enable consumers to focus on sports.
  • Choose a soft color, the choice of good interior color is a mod booster for consumers to be more excited and comfortable in sports.
  • Air freshener, the selection of air fresheners must also be considered, so as not to collide with other odors. So that it can make the concentration split during exercise
  • Adequate facilities, adequate facilities are the main consideration for consumers in sports. like changing rooms, bathrooms, lobbies, and so on.

 Currently, there are still many people who want a facility that has unique and adequate facilities, especially in big cities. Environmental conditions around the residence and workplace affect a person so that it becomes an obstacle to exercise. With these problems, then came the design that has facilities to accommodate the needs of users.