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Background Information about Air Conditioning Unit Services

There is truth to saying that you will pay only small amount for a routine service but when it comes to major repair, you will pay much more. Know that this rule of thumb in the maintenance of your air conditioning unit has big truth in it.

We usually neglect following a regular air conditioning service, and thus we spend a lot of money for major repairs when our unit does not work properly anymore.

Note that the system of an air conditioning unit is a complex one and so it will be difficult for you to clean it yourself. Many homeowners and office staff fail to realize that this unit is made to run continuously and exposed to sorts of abuse, that at any day it can breakdown if not given a regular and proper maintenance service. .

It is a fact that electrical bills go up significantly if the air conditioning units are not given a regular maintenance service. Experts say that without regular maintenance service of your air conditioning unit, it will lose its original efficiency by 5% every year. On the other hand, your air conditioner will maintain up to its original efficiency by 95% if given a regular maintenance service.

Among the services that should be included in your air conditioning services are cleaning of the fan coils and blowers, checking of the compressor, oiling the fan motors, checking the system operating pressures and temperatures.

It is advisable that you get the services of a contractor who knows what to use in cleaning for example the coils and blowers of the fan of your air conditioner, and that they have available chemicals that are laboratory certified to detoxify the bacteria and clean the dirt.

If you buy new air conditioning units, take note to have it installed by a contractor who has the experience and skills to conduct the installation. It is suggested that a service company in your area will be the one to install so that if something goes wrong to your unit, they can always be on call. In our days of modern internet, you will easily can find these companies and see what services they offer. Past references of these companies would be helpful in your decision on who to choose as your contractor, then you will be assured that you are getting the best service possible.

To ensure a high level of comfort in your room, it is also possible for you to conduct regular servicing of your unit, and you can do this by buying good filters and change these filters regularly.

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