High-Tech Home Security System Amid the Corona Virus Pandemic

High-Tech Home Security System Amid the Corona Virus Pandemic

 The economic pressure that has emerged due to the Coronavirus pandemic has increased the crime rate, including theft. Not a few reports of vehicle theft have graced the news about Corona recently.

 several types of crime can occur during the coronavirus outbreak (Covid-19). One of them, namely the type of crime committed only to meet the needs of daily life. Because it cannot be denied, restrictions on large-scale activities to prevent the spread of the coronavirus have an impact on decreasing people’s livelihoods. As with the Frustration Aggression Theory, some people commit specific instrumental crimes, property crimes, to meet their needs.

 the COVID-19 outbreak does not guarantee criminals not to take action. With a quiet environment, it becomes a target for criminals. Apart from being caused by the increasing number of places that are deserted and lacking supervision, spontaneous criminals will also emerge because their income is reduced or even stopped, while needs still have to be met,

 several places that have the potential to become targets of criminals, including office buildings and facilities, shop houses that do not have security guards, restaurants that only serve takeaway meals, quiet roads, and limited passenger transportation facilities.

 Home Security System: Technology to Keep Your Family Safe

 Home is the safest place to rest after a full day of outdoor activities. After work, home becomes a family gathering place. Because of this, home is a very special place.

 So, to ensure that your home is truly safe for every family member, you must have a good home security system. And you can rely on the experts, namely home security systems san antonio texas

 Home security system products range from CCTV cameras to sophisticated equipment such as motion sensors for doors and windows, smoke detectors, fire, and water. Surveillance control with a smartphone will allow homeowners to remotely turn on and off the system or even watch live video. There are many technologies included in the basic security system that are all designed to enhance the safety of you and your family.

Advantages of Using a Home Security System

 1. Wireless Technology Provides Flexibility

 It used to be that installing a home security system was not a realistic option for the average family as it was expensive. This is because ancient security systems had to be connected by a cable which limited the placement of equipment on-site and required significant cable lengths in some cases. To get a quality CCTV installation, it will take a long time for this system to be installed properly, causing the price of CCTV to be expensive and costly.

 Now wireless technology (wireless) is no longer only an alternative to home security systems but has become the main choice. The advantage of wireless technology is that it is easier to install and adds more flexibility to the overall system, allowing homeowners to move the camera at any time to a different place without having to do complicated reconfigurations.

 2. Intuitive User Interface Makes It Comfortable

 With an intuitive user interface that acts as a control panel for homeowners, modern home security systems can even be set up and disabled by children when needed. Less complicated controls and only requires the ability to remember how to activate or deactivate the alarm system.

 The keypad is one example of a type of technology that facilitates user interface systems. The keypad will act as a control panel to interact with the system such as issuing commands, activating alarms, changing settings such as automatic lighting, and other controls. This is all done with a simple keypad key component and makes the entire system easy to operate.

 3. CCTV Video Monitoring

 Home security systems have applied remote monitoring for the last few years. Some CCTV companies also offer officers to monitor systems on the ground to immediately detect potential threats and notify homeowners and authorities. Now the price of CCTV is more affordable. Home security systems are available with many options to equip homes with cameras in any area you wish to monitor. You can even view videos in real-time from your smartphone or tablet. With the right configuration and fast internet connection, customers can even view live video from thousands of km away.

 4. Location Limitation

 A home security system is only effective if you are actively working when family members are away from home. But sometimes it is easy for users to forget to activate the security system before you leave the house, especially if the system was recently installed. A new geo-location boundary feature detects the whereabouts of a homeowner using a smartphone’s GPS. If the homeowner reaches a certain limit that has been determined a few km from the location of the house, the system will issue a warning that allows the homeowner to immediately know that the security system has not been activated.

 It would be very inconvenient to have to turn back home when you are already on your way to a business trip or vacation. Knowing that your home will be safe even though you are not there to protect it will give you peace of mind during the trip.

 5. Control Smartphone Remotely

 If you have a home security system that can incorporate most of these technologies, it will be very practical and easier for you. That’s because some home security systems allow homeowners to control almost any device using a smartphone. So if you forget to activate the system before you leave, all it takes is a few taps on the smartphone so you can refocus on your goal.

 These are just a few of the technological advances that have improved home security systems in recent years. Not only are home security system technology increasingly sophisticated, but prices have also become cheaper and more affordable. This means more families can take advantage of the technology with the added security and peace of mind that they offer.