Best Way To Increase Mood Naturally

Best Way To Increase Mood Naturally

The food consumed daily not only affects health but also people’s mood or mood. Quoted from Microbial Ecology in Health and Disease, food can affect people’s moods because diet brings changes in brain structure, chemistry, and physiology that lead to behavior.

Likewise, when a person lacks energy, this condition will affect activities and make them less productive. Many people also feel tired faster during the day. In this case, the type and amount of certain foods play an important role in increasing energy. Besides, foods that contain certain nutrients can help improve one’s focus and mood. Research has also shown several foods can help stabilize moods.

Super Green Kratom is a great way to increase energy, help with aches and pains, and provide a big mood boost. The popularity of Super Green Kratom (Mitragyna speciose) is an herb that is known to have benefits for human health.

Super Green Kratom generally thrives in the tropical forests of Southeast Asia, history records that kratom was used by Thai people from their ancestral times as a supplement and their traditional medicine by chewing the kratom leaves directly. If you want to feel the benefits of kratom quickly, you can brew it like tea or put it on the bottom of your tongue or you can swallow the kratom powder with plain water. The strength of Kratom is very variable depending on the strain, region of origin, processing method. Usage Low doses vary from 2-4 grams and high doses range from 5-10 grams. Or a dose higher than 10 grams.

Benefits of Super Green Kratom (Mitragyna speciose) include:

1. Drug therapy overcoming drug addiction

2. Increase energy and stamina

3. Increase sexual desire

4. Increase endurance

5. Overcoming severe muscle pain

6. Treating depression, calming, relaxing, and eliminating excessive anxiety

7. Lowering high blood pressure

8.Control diabetes (blood sugar)

9. Serves as an analgesic/pain reliever

Kratom is also very rich in fiber and anti-oxidants, of course very useful for the body.

Judging from the enormous benefits of kratom, it is only natural that God’s gift is in the form of Super Green Kratom as an alternative supplement and herbal treatment.

The best alkaloid content of Super Green Kratom, processed in a good way, starting from looking for healthy and clean leaves, drying it away from pollution, then weakening it to separate the leaves with the hard bones, after that, then filtering it again manually to separate the leaves from the bones. soft the leaves carefully and thoroughly, producing a dry and green powdery powder, a distinctive fragrant and high quality which is very suitable for consumption.

User Experience

The Washington Post had published articles about their searches about how people feel the influence, sensation, and effects experienced when consuming kratom. The literature used as a reference source is the website. is known as an online encyclopedia site that specifically explores in detail the psychoactive substances contained in various mediums. The profiles of the two founders, aka Earth and Fire, were featured in an in-depth review on The New Yorker last year, to coincide with the site’s two-decade anniversary.

On the Erowid website, users of various types of psychoactive substances ranging from caffeine to heroin can share personal experiences while under the influence of the substances they consume.

The users’ testimonials will be curated by the moderator, classified into sub-categories, before being published on These reports are usually used as a reference for researchers and drug seekers who want to know more details about information about a substance.

Especially for kratom, there are at least 290 testimonials in the form of detailed user experience reports that have been recorded and published on Erowid since 2001. Hundreds of reports from kratom users have become a reference for research subjects published by Marc Swogger and several colleagues in the journal Psychoactive Drugs last year.

Swogger in his research journal records and classifies user experience reports into positive and negative categories. The classification is then sub-categorized into experiential sensations such as euphoria, relaxation, nausea, itching, and so on.

The results of the Swogger classification show that the majority of kratom users (30.4 percent) feel a relaxed and comfortable experience, as well as euphoria when consuming it with high doses. “Several users described the effects they experienced was the same as how they felt when consuming opium,” said Swogger.

Meanwhile, the most negative comments on kratom are around 16 percent of users claiming to feel nauseous. Apart from that, some claim to often shiver and sweat every time they consume kratom.

An important note from this research is, in every positive experience of a substance there will always be negative experiences that accompany it. But the ratio of the effects of good and bad experiences from kratom is somewhat smaller than that of marijuana, heroin, cocaine, let alone alcohol.

Alternative Medicine

Now many drug users, at least in the United States, are turning to kratom. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recently received a growing number of reports of individual problems dealing with kratom.

In the past five years, reports of kratom entering the CDC have increased 10-fold, from 26 in 2010 to 263 in 2015. As many as 35 percent of reports submitted relate to cases of kratom use combined with other substances such as tranquilizers or benzodiazepines. with other types of narcotics.

Some people choose kratom because it is considered effective in relieving pain. One of them is Leonard Rodda, who is now a seller of kratom in herbal packaging at his small shop in Atlanta.

Rodda started using kratom as a daily supplement intake two years ago. He turned to kratom after experiencing the bad side effects of the drugs prescribed by his doctor after he had a car accident.

Before Rodda learned about kratom, his life was admittedly very worrying. The anti-pain medication prescribed by the doctor put him to sleep most of the time. Every time he goes to the cinema, for example, Rodda will definitely fall asleep in the middle of the film. That’s not how I live my life. I am always active. I’m always working.

After getting to know kratom, Rodda realized that his old self had returned. He admitted that recently he had started to return to his outdoor activities and cycling as usual.

“Quality of life is most important, and I think kratom has given its best,” said Rodda.

Rodda takes two kratom capsules every morning. The pain he experienced after the car accident has now disappeared. Many of the customers who come to Rodda’s shop have the same goal: to find pain relief.