About Vintage Watch Collections

About Vintage is one of the modern Scandinavian watch designers. Their name, About Vintage was coined from the fact that their modern design watches are based on aspects of vintage watches.

About Vintage is a forward-looking watch manufacturer that designs watches that are timeless. Here, the design philosophy is based on timeless pieces that are contemporary and simply designed. Also, it is important that their watches appeal to individual taste and preferences.

Here are some of the collections that About Vintage designs and develops for its customers.

The Automatic Collection

The automatic collection of Scandinavian watches made by About Vintage consists of watches that are powered automatically. This is the aspect of vintage in these watches. Rather than use batteries to power the watches, they run mechanically for the life of the watch which is quite long.

Each and every brand of watch produced by About Vintage has a good number of their watches that are automatic.

Swiss made Collection

Watches in this collection are made based on the timeless Swiss design of watches. They are available for both men and women. These watches are available in cases of steel, gold and rose gold. They are also available in different case sizes to suit the personality and preferences of individual customers.

Chronograph Collection

This is one of the most classic collection that has been developed by About Vintage. The Chronograph collection is a modern design of time pieces. The chronograph collection contains watches that are uniquely crafted to even contain a unique identification number. It is available in black, white, blue and green dials.

The About Vintage Difference

About Vintage as a watch designer and manufacturer offers unique services to stand out from the crowd of other Scandinavian watch designers. First, its watches come packed in a beautifully designed wooden box making it a good gift idea.

Second, if you need to immortalize a special event, you can have it engraved on the phone for free. All you need to do is request for engraving services from the retail shop that you buy your watch from or from their online store.

Also, they provide a free strap for every phone bought while you can also buy additional straps to change according to your day’s outfit.

Watch Brands Made by About Vintage


The Scandinavian watch brands designed by About Vintage are given vintage names in the form of years.

The 1844, is one of the recent releases that got raving reviews. It is beautifully and elegantly designed. It has pure leather interchangeable straps available in different colors.

Its dials have a single solid color and steel dots for the time markers and black clock hands. This makes it easy to use as you can quickly take a glance on the phone and see the time.

1926 All Black

This is a limited edition with two watches. For each watch, there are only 1000 pieces available for sale by preorder.

The 1926 All Black edition is a water proof watch that one can swim or dive in the ocean with. It is available in either a black dial watch as the name suggests or a white dial. In addition, it comes with two straps; a black rubber strap and a black NATO strap.

They are also very well priced for watches of their caliber.

Buy About Vintage Scandinavian Watches

As a leading watch designer and developer, About Vintage has numerous physical shop branches and an online shop. There are numerous shops all around Europe that you can pop into and engage our highly informed attendants.

They will assist you to find the kind of watch that you are looking and to make the right decision on the watch that you eventually buy.


About Vintage is a leading Scandinavian watch designer and retailer. They provide fairly affordable watches that are beautifully and elegantly designed. As their name suggests their contemporary design watches travels the journey of life with you until it becomes a vintage watch itself. Testament to the quality of products that they produce.