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Various Points To Note About Flat Feet

Flat foot is a new term for most people. However, by the look of a person, you can always tell if he has a flat foot. Having a low or no arch makes one have flat feet. This being the case, it is important for people to know that the feet will be on the ground. There will be a consideration to those people with the problematic condition and those that are abnormal.

The support of every step needs to be provided, and this is why the arch of the feet is designed in that way. With the arch, we need to say that it ensures that the body weight on the feet, as well as legs, are distributed For those people with flat feet, it should be understood by the individuals that they may be seen rolling on the inner side every time they are walking. It is crucial to mention to the people that there are two categories of flat feet. The rigid and the flexible flat feet are the two kinds. If a person has rigid flat feet, then he will not have an arch. For this condition to happen, individuals need to know that it will be pathology that might be underlying. Tarsal coalition is the main cause of rigid flat feet. With this, we are referring to two or even more of fusion of the tarsal bones.

We have other causes such as infection, trauma, autoimmune disaster or even neuromuscular. If you are not gaining weight, it is good to know that you have a flexible flat foot meaning that you have an arch. If you stand or have the feet tired, then you will have the arch. For the flexible flat feet, individuals need to know that it is caused by ligament laxity, tendon weakness as well as muscle weakness. Flat feet can also result due to genetic factor. Some signs of flat feet will be a pain as a result of ligaments or muscles that have been strained. The inside of the ankle, arch of the foot or even calf may experience pain. It is good to note that you may also experience pain at the lower back, hips or on the knee.

After being recommended by a podiatrist to have arch support, you need to get that which will fit. Selecting the right shoes for flat feet can be challenging. You need to get footwear that is well fitted, supportive as well as comfortable. Getting the most suitable waterproof sandals with arch support is required.